Site Analytics

Implementing Site Analytics on Your Red Site

Currently there are two ways to implement site analytics within RED:  Google Analytics and the Slate Ping Component.  With either of these 3rd party software providers, you can track your visitor’s behavior and analyze how they are arriving at your site.

Implementing Google Analytics

Google Analytics is included in the suite of apps in GoogleApps@UIC. We recommend using this service to secure your GA account and tracking ID. If you do not yet have a GoogleApps@UIC account, create one here:

Check with your college or parent unit to see if they have a GA account for their units. If so, work with them to get the appropriate tracking ID

If you need to create a new account and ID, follow these steps

  1. Login to with your UIC email and common password. To create an account, click More options > Create account.
  2. Set up a property in your Analytics account (
  3. Under PROPERTY, click Tracking Info > Tracking Code. Your tracking ID and property number are displayed at the top of the page.
  4. Send only the Google tracking ID (e.g., UA-000000-2), you do not need to send the full code snippet.

When you have your tracking ID, head over to our webform at and select “Ask Something Else.”  Be sure to include your site url, your Google Tracking ID (e.g., UA-000000-2), and your NetID (must be an administrator for the specific site).  We will implement the tracking ID and you will be able to see your site’s analytics!

Implementing the Slate Ping Component

The Slate Ping Component requires that you already have an account set up with Slate.

For each page you want to track, you will need to click “Add Component” from the Content(Interior Page) section of a page.  After selecting “Slate Ping” from the list of components, you will be required to add a Title (which can be hidden from the visitor – this is suggested) as well as the domain.  The domain is whatever site url you have registered within Slate.   Then click Update/Publish on the page and the Slate Ping Component will start tracking that page.  You can view the analytics in your Slate dashboard.