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All Components

Components are custom-made groups of content fields that are added to pages to create your content body. Unlike typical WordPress installations, there is not one, large body field where all the content is added for a page. For each block of content, you want to add to your page, you will select the appropriate custom content component to use as an element of the page.

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TablePress Component

The TablePress feature provides the ability to create complex tables. The interface allows you to easily edit table data. Your tables can contain any type of data, like numbers, text, images, links, and…

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Table Component

The Table component is available on the Default and Landing Page templates. This simple table does allow for HTML to create links and underlines for links.

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Slate Forms

If you are already working within the Slate platform, RED allows you to implement/display Slate Forms on your site on Default, Contact, and Landing page Templates, as well as within Event post types.

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Gravity Forms

Gravity forms are created in the Forms function of the Red Dashboard. Look in the menu for Forms and select New Form to begin. In addition to creating the Form itself, you will…

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Giving Form Component

This documentation is for live “public” sites on Red and assumes your department has acquired the following from the University of Illinois Foundation (UIF): A 5-digit tracking code An 8-digit code for each…

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Grid Component

The Grid component is a framework of images with text and links to highlight content for your site visitors in a visually appealing manner.

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Video Component

Adding video to your page is as simple as using the Video component, enter the share URL on YouTube, Vimeo, and other services to embed it in the page. The component provides three…

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Facebook & Twitter Feeds

You can add a combined, side-by-side scrolling Facebook feed and a Twitter Feed with 1 – 20 items in the feed on your website. In the Facebook Feed, paste the full URL of…