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Events Posts

How to create and display Events posts on your site

The Events post type provides a custom post option for content about upcoming events related to your unit. Like other custom post types, Events posts can be viewed as a single page or can be included in highlight lists or a page of all published Events posts. These listings are available through the Events Listing Page Template, the Highlight Events component and the Highlight News & Events component.

The Events post type has many custom fields to fill in with the logistical details of the event as well as content areas for more descriptive text about the event and speakers.

The first set of fields include both optional and required fields. The required fields will have an asterisk * after the label. If you do not complete those fields, you will not be able to save the post until they are completed.

These fields include:

  • (0ptional) Event Series name field
  • A checkbox to indicate if it is an “all day” event
  • (required) Start Date, Start Time, End Date, End Time
  • (optional) Show Time Zone
  • Location Building and Room
  • Location Address 1
  • Location Address 2
  • Location City, Location State, Location Zip
  • Checkbox to show a map of the location
  • Show a Virtual Meeting link
  • Cost field
  • (required) Description content field
  • Optional Marketing image to appear left or right of the description
  • Optional Excerpt to appear in listings
  • (required) Contact Name and Contact Email
  • Contact Phone
  • Submitter Name, Email and Phone
  • Speaker details
  • Option to include an RSVP
  • Featured Image
  • Custom thumbnail image

In addition to these fields, there is a content area where a wide variety of components for text, links, highlight, media, tables and more can be added to the post.

Each Event post also has an optional SEO field where custom text is created for search engine meta description fields which show in search results.

Virtual Events Heading link

The Event post type also has the option to add a virtual meeting link. If you choose to include the link in your post, please follow the recommendations for securing your event from unwanted, disruptive intrusion also known as “zoomboming” or “zoom raiding.”

Zoom Security Recommendations

To make your meeting private enable these security settings:

You can also create the meeting as a webinar). A webinar will give you control over who participates with video, audio, chat, and screen sharing.

Additional Functions Heading link

The Events post type allows for its own unique taxonomy of categories to use in order to group posts on similar topics. Assigning categories to your posts allows you to select which group of posts show on pages or in highlight components on pages.

Each published Events post will show the date it was posted and the date of the last modification at the bottom of the post. The publication date can be edited as needed, however, the modification date cannot be changed. If you wish to schedule the post to publish at a future date, set the “Publish on” date to that day and time.

Visitors to your website can share individual Events posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and by e-mail based on which share links you enabled in your Theme Settings.

Accessiblity Requirements Heading link

Image Alt Text Fields

Alt text should describe the image for visually impaired users who visit your website and for those whose browsers block images. The text should give a brief description of the image. DO NOT USE phrases like “image of,” “picture of,” or “screenshot of” in your ALT Text. In addition, if you use images that have text in the image itself, that cannot be read by a screen reader. That text should be included in the alt text, a caption or other text near the image.

Events listing page

The Events listing page allows you to show an archive of Events posts. The page template does not include a header image but does include an optional Subtitle field.

The Events listing feature allows you to select what category(ies) of posts you want to display (or exclude) on the page, either a single category or multiple categories.

Events listings on the page only appear in a list, there is no tile option on this page template. The page also allows for filtering results by date.

The listing is ordered with upcoming dates in calendar order and will automatically create pagination at the bottom of the page. You can set the number of Events posts that appear per page (up to 100 in increments of ten). This is done through the “Pagination” section while editing the page. Just be aware, the higher the number of pagination (number of results per page), the longer it will take for the page to load for your visitors.

The page does not include any additional content area or components, however, you can attach Notifications above the listing or Billboards below the listing.

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