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Giving Form Component

This documentation is for live "public" sites on Red and assumes your department has acquired the following from the University of Illinois Foundation (UIF):

  • A 5-digit tracking code
  • An 8-digit code for each fund
  • A public name for each fund

Your form cannot operate without these key elements. If you do not have the above information, please reach out to before proceeding. To add a UIF giving form on other, non-Red platforms, refer to the official UIF Online Documentation.

Steps to Create and Test the Giving Form Heading link

  1. Add the “Giving Form” component to the page in the editing window. This component is only available for pages using the “default” page template.
  2. Enter a title, your Department Name, Department Email, and Tracking code. Note: Department Name and Department Email are deprecated fields no longer required by UIF and will be removed from this form at a later date.
  3. If this is the first time setting up this form on your Red site, select the “Test” option under “Destination Location.” Do not select “Production” until you have completed steps 4-8.
  4. Under the “Funds” area, enter the Fund Number and Fund Name for each fund you wish to list. These fields must match UIF’s records exactly. Alternately, you can group funds together with the “Add another group” button. Limit of 30 funds per donation form.
  5. Save the page as a draft.
  6. Email and schedule a testing window. This is a mandatory step in which UIF will verify the accuracy of the tracking code, fund code(s), and fund name(s) you entered in the Giving Form component.
  7. At the time of the testing window, change the page status from “draft” to “published” so UIF staff can access the form.
  8. After UIF tests your page, they will contact you with a list of any discrepancies that must be corrected. If you don’t already have an email address on record, they may request one for donation notification purposes.
  9. Once you have UIF approval, change the “Destination Location” option on the form to “Production.” Your form is now ready to process donations via UIF.
  10. To add new funds to the form after the initial approval, please contact to schedule another testing time.

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