Choosing Your Site Type

When first requesting a private test site on red (via, you will need to consider what type of site you desire.  There are three different types of RED sites, each with different characteristics.

  1. Type A Full Gradient:  This site type will provide you with a large homepage image, that extends beyond the regular desktop page-fold, and is covered in a full vertical gradient correlated to your site’s color scheme.  The Homepage Subtitle (optional) will appear beneath the Site Name or UIC Wordmark.  Type A sites also have much larger Landing Page header images in comparison to the Type B site.  Just keep in mind, that Type A sites require an actual image to be inserted into the Landing Page header space.  Type B sites you can leave as simply a gradient.
  2. Type A Half Gradient:  This site type is similar in every way to the Type A Full Gradient, except that the homepage header image will only be covered halfway by the vertical gradient.  Specifically, the left side of the image will be covered in the gradient and the right side will be free of the gradient filter.
  3. Type B Full Gradient:  This site type provides the visitor with a smaller homepage header image, as well as placing the homepage subtitle (again, optional) to the right of the Site Name or UIC Wordmark.  Also, as mentioned above, the Landing Page header spaces on Site Type B's will be smaller than Type A’s and can be left as simply a gradient header – not requiring an actual image.

Scroll through the slideshow below for examples of the different site types.

  1. Site Type B Full Gradient - Notice the gradient covers the entire image, but the image stops before the regular page-fold and the Home Subtitle is to the right of the Site Name