1. What Is Red?

location of the text editor tab in red
  • RED is a WordPress based custom theme. In layman’s terms you ask? RED is a simplified interface for creating accesible websites, usable content, and a unified UIC brand.
  • It is very much “plug and play” in the fact that users cannot break their site (or the network) and can have a site looking professional in no time. So feel free to tinker with your site in anyway you see fit, before it goes live. Just do not attempt to alter the html code in the text editor section (see image to the right)– this will typically “break” the page you are editing as RED has specific conditions in place for proper functionality.  If you have any specific customized html needs, please contact us via webform.
  • Content is created and displayed by utilizing “components” and “posts,” custom tailored for use on RED sites. Check out the links below to see how the components and posts look and function live on a site.
  • UIC Digital Communications is constantly updating and creating new components for use within the system.

Next Step: Creating a Test Site