This week, the developers have brought some long awaited changes! They include:

  • Links in tables- now HTML links will NOT be removed from Table/TablePress cells

All hyperlink fields are now followed by a new optional “Link ID” field, which can help you track link clicks with Google Tag Manager. This field is available for internal & external links, email addresses, and phone and fax number fields. For more information, please read this guide to Event Tracking via Google Tag Manager (

Where this new field can be found

  • COMPONENTS: Call to Action, Category Link List, Grid, Highlight Call to Action, Highlight Contact, Highlight Events, Highlight News, Highlight News & Events, Jumbo Link, Link Tiles, Slideshow, Text Block
  • HOME PAGE: Header Call to Action section, Weighted Calls to Action component
  • SPLASH PAGE: Top Section, Middle Section with Components
  • POST TYPES: Billboard, Countdowns, Notifications
  • THEME SETTINGS: Site Contact, Site Contact (secondary)


  • Menus don’t have this field yet, but they will soon. We plan to have ID fields for menu links deployed by the next production merge.
  • Calendar Embed, Facebook Feed, Tableau, Twitter Feed, Twitter + Facebook Feed components do not have this feature. Due to HTML element restrictions that prevent event tracking in iframes, the new ID attribute field cannot be extended to link fields in the aforementioned components.
  • All large WYSIWYG textarea fields. Examples: the big text editing field in the Text Block component or the Home Page’s “Home Body” area. These fields are governed by the main WordPress WYSIWYG editor, which for now will remain unaltered. If you wish to manually insert an ID into a link in one of these large text editing fields, switch to the “Text” editing tab and enter the id attribute into the tag: after the “a” and before the “href” attribute. Here’s an example of what the tag should look like:
    <a id=”example-1″ href=””>Visit UIC</a>

If you have any bug reports, or suggestions on how to make RED the best theme it can be, please don’t hesitate to reach out via our webform.

Happy Editing!