Even though the holidays are rolling around, that hasn’t stopped our developers from working hard on RED! This week, they rolled out the following:

As a follow-up to the “Link ID” field for link tracking that debuted last week, the menu item section for top level WordPress menus (Main Menu and Eyebrow Menu) now contains a new optional “Link ID” field under the “Navigation Label” field. By entering a unique identification string, you’ll be able to track visitor clicks in menu items in addition to the other link types identified last week. For more information, please see the 11/19 Red update post (https://red.uic.edu/news-stories/latest-update-to-red-11-19-19/)

Tableau Component errors resolved

Site admins recently reported front-end embed errors with the Tableau component. This issue has been resolved with some minor reconfiguration to the component template. The component should now redirect visitors via port 7443 and the servlet path, thus eliminating the authentication glitch introduced with the old method. Please reach out to us via our contact form if you’re still having issues with this component.

Media attachment pages disabled

By default, WordPress sites automatically generate a public html attachment page for any file uploaded to the Media Gallery. In the interest of improving search engine accuracy, these attachment pages are no longer available. Any attachment url loaded in the browser will now automatically redirect to the site’s home url.

In addition to that:

  • JavaScript was added to the admin back-end to prevent submitting empty required fields values to pages. It decodes and trims fields values before WP validation. It works on text and text area fields.
  • We added a white HTML sanitation list to allow its usage on pages.

If you have any bug reports, or suggestions on how to make RED the best theme it can be, please don’t hesitate to reach out via our webform.

Happy Editing!