Latest Update to RED 12/19/18: PHP 7.2!

The Red WordPress Multisite update to PHP 7.2 is now complete, as well as structural changes to the codebase to bring all of our code and process in-house. You may resume content management, editing and additions.
One addition to the multisite is caching which is a process to temporarily store some content in order to improve page load time (the site will load faster for users). Most content updates will clear the cache immediately and present the new content. The unique nature of the Home page template will work differently -- if logged in to your dashboard, you will see the content changes immediately, however, other users will not see the new content for approximately 10 minutes (they will see the page, but the new content won't replace the old content for that brief time).
While the team worked diligently to test and correct for any potential update conflicts, if you notice any issues with your sites, please contact us through the form at

Thank you for your patience and happy editing!