Aside from squashing a couple miscellaneous bugs, the RED Team is pleased to announce the following three updates to RED:

  • Numbered list issues were tested and confirmed resolved.
  • Styling issues for SlateForm were resolved. Now, all available form components – textarea, text, radio, checkbox, drop-down single and multiple drop-down selects, submit button, and date-picker widget – are styled as generic Red ACF form fields. New styling settings should overwrite SlateForm response default CSS to comply with the Red standards.
  • Two of the four empty html tags reported to our support team have been resolved. This issue affected sites using the UI Health branding options, which are set by our team upon site creation. We have confirmation on our staging instance that the previously empty link tags in the navigation and footer are now compliant with the WebAIM WAVE accessibility evaluator.

If you have any bug reports, or suggestions on how to make RED the best theme it can be, please don’t hesitate to reach out via our webform.

Happy Editing!