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The RED Team is pleased to announce three enhancements to RED with the latest (3/12/19) weekly update:

  1. Pride Points Component: Users can now add three or more “pride points” to the Pride Point component.  If you add more than three pride points to a single component, the component will display only three of the pride points at random to the visitor.  If you want to make sure that the pride points are static (not randomly choosing three to display), simply create a second Pride Point Component and add it (with up to 3 pride points) beneath the first component.  Pro-tip: If using more than one Pride Point Component, hide the title on the second (or successive) Pride Point Component to make it appear seamless in visual context on the page.
  2. Highlight News and Events Components:  You can now select to import an external feed to display within a particular Highlight News and/or Events Component.  This way, you can add feeds from external RSS sources and have them appear on your site instead of the highlight component only pulling from your internal News or Event posts.  To do this, simply add a Highlight News and/or Events Component and select “External Feed” from the News (or Events) List Type drop down.  This will propagate a data field that allows you to copy/paste an external feed url to the component.
  3. New Homepage Header Call to Action area:  The Homepage now has a “Header Call to Action” content area that will allow you to include a list of Call To Action icons just beneath the Homepage header image.  This will appear above the Home Body text area and within the color backdrop assigned to the particular site (Navy, Blue, Red, Green).  The Header Call to Action works just like any other Call to Action component, allowing you to link to internal or external pages with icons and a snippet of text.

We strive to make RED the best it can be, for both users and visitors. If you have any bug reports please do not hesitate to reach out and tell us about them via our contact form.

Happy Editing!