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With the latest update on 3/19/19, the following enhancements have been made to RED:

  • Security Update: the WP AllImport plugin has been updated to the latest version to prevent any security issues.
  • Our online contact form now has an option for users to suggest updates/enhancements to RED.  Please feel free to head over to our contact form and select “request a new feature or enhancement of an existing one” from the options.  From there you will be able to fill out any pertinent information you have regarding potential new features you would like to see in RED.
  • The RED Dashboard has been given a overhaul to focus on specific information for RED content creators, managers, and administrators.  The dashboard is the default screen you will encounter when logging into your site.  We have whittled down the excessive clutter that WordPress automatically presented and allowed for a clean and informative space with content curated specifically for RED users.  For more information on the custom dashboard, and what content it displays, please check out this news post.

If you have any questions, or wish to report a bug, please head over to our contact form and help us make RED the best it can be!

As always, Happy Editing!