Oasis Workflow Pro and Groups Plugin

The RED Team understands that managing content on a website with a bunch of registered users can be tricky.  Who knows who is publishing what?  Well, after some extensive internal testing, we have arrived at a third party solution: a plugin called Oasis Workflow Pro.

Oasis Workflow creates a governing editorial board of sorts, where Admins can set up content flows and assign particular content to individual users - allowing for the management, tracking, and proofreading of content before it is published.  We have also made the Oasis Workflow Groups extension available so that Admins can assign several users into a single group to ensure that only the approved users can work on specific areas of content within the site.

Oasis Workflow Pro (and Groups) is activated on a site by site basis, when requested by a site admin.

If you wish to have Oasis Workflow (and the Oasis Workflow Groups extension) enabled on your site, reach out to the RED Team via our webform and select "Ask Something Else" from the form options.  Please enter in your site's url and tell us that you want Oasis Workflow (and Oasis Workflow Groups if so desired) enabled on your site.

For more information on the plugins, and what they are capable of handling, please refer to the third party documentation sites via the links below: