Updates to RED

Update to RED 7/23/19

network wide plugin update, additional call to action icons, preview notification post bug fix, sticky nav misalignment bug fix

Latest Update to RED 7/16/19

multi-column component on Landing pages, notification post preview and location in the dashboard.

Latest Update 7/2/19

mathjax $ fix, giving form required fund field removed, "voice" removed from profile post phone content, SMNTCS plugin removed, permanent fix for tablepress export to .csv.

RED Update 6/25/19

Highlight directory component now displaying profile posts in alphabetical order and the spacing within Accordion Component has been corrected.

Latest Update to RED 6/18/19

hide title on multi column text block, accordion and tab component color fixes, tablepress export data fix, ARIA landmark accesibility

Big Update to RED 6/11/19

Yeost Plugin Replacement, Countdown Post, Notification Post, Role Permissions with posts, Video text hyperlinks fixed, Text Block w/map update, Post Expirator, Slate Form on Landing, Default and Event pages, Hours on Contact page and Landing page.

Latest Update to RED 4/30/19

Updated UI on Giving Forms component, Google Maps working for Highlight Contact and Event posts, At A Glance titles can be hidden, and Event posts showing chronologically based on time and All Day Events.