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Directory Listing Filters Update

As of the 9/24 Red update, pages using the Directory template will display profiles using the conjunction “AND” instead of “OR.” This feature was not working as intended and required this change. The…

Removing unfiltered HTML and scripts

On October 22, during our regularly scheduled Red update, we will enable a function in Red to address user-added scripts and unfiltered HTML issues on websites. As is noted in the Red Theme…

Accordion Bug In the Process of Being Fixed

With the latest update (6/11/19), several users wrote in regarding the Accordion component changing colors to a gray scheme that was difficult to read.  We just wanted users to know that we are…

Redirection Plugin Update

All 3rd party plugins were updated, with the exception of the Redirection plugin. Be sure to backup redirection links before manually updating the Redirection plugin.

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