News & Updates

Latest Updates & Bug Fixes to RED 1/22/19

New numbering and bulleted format options available within text, additional Profile Post options, and the search function is site specific.

Latest Updates to RED 1/15/19

Email addresses and phone numbers are clickable, users can set a display count for Highlight components, and the profile post image recommendation size has changed.

Latest Bug Fixes 1/15/19

Bug squashes for Event Posts, the Directory template page, Highlight Link list, media gallery, Advanced Tab Group component, Mega Menu, Calendar Embed component, Event listing page, Profile Post, and the Splash Page.

Latest Update to RED 12/19/18: PHP 7.2!

The Red WordPress Multisite update to PHP 7.2 is now complete, as well as structural changes to the codebase to bring all of our code and process in-house. You may resume content management,…


ACCC and Digital Communications are planning to upgrade the version of PHP used on the Red WordPress multisite service.¬†We strongly recommend not saving any pages or uploading anything to your Red site between…

Latest Updates to RED (12/11/18)

Tablepress component is available on Landing pages and the Calendar Embed component is now available for use.

Latest Bug Fixes 12/11/18

Line breaks/returns properly showing in Profile posts, title appearing for Multi-Column component, custom thumbnail images are properly sized, styling issue with GDPR banner resolved, and all available taxonomies are showing up on the Directory page.

Latest Updates to RED 11/27/18

RED Network GDPR compliant, pagination for News/Events/Directory page templates, new taxonomy grouping for Profile posts, Oasis Workflow plugin, and Nested Pages plugin.