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Content Workflow

Better Notifications Plugin for Content Management Heading link

The Better Notifications plugin enables site administrators to monitor, through emailed notifications, content edits to their sites. It is strictly for site administration and will not send out notifications to front end visitors. Currently, the Better Notifications plugin is enabled on request by site admins. Reach out to us via our webform to request the plugin be enabled on your site.

You can find, and access Better Notifications (once it has been enabled on your site), on the left side dashboard of your site’s backend, under the title “Notifications”.

Within Better Notifications, you can set who receives notification (emails) and for what particular type of post/page/content update you want to monitor. By setting up several custom notifications within the Better Notifications plugin, you will be able to create specific recipients for specific posts/pages/content changes made, so that all notifications will be sent to a curated address(es). The data contained in the email notification will be entirely up to you and whatever specific data you wanted to be relayed by the notification (this is accomplished by using shortcodes in the notification message – a list of common shortcodes can be found here).

Please watch the 3rd party developer walkthrough/tutorial video below that explains the customization, implementation, as well as including shortcode in the notification emails, to ensure proper notification delivery, and that the message is sent to the delegated users.

More information regarding Better Notifications can also be found on the main WordPress site.