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Home Page Only Components

The Red theme includes a set of components that are only available on the homepage of your site. They integrate with the color and image design of your large homepage header space. These components, through the utilization of background colors and design, create visual segmentation within the homepage and allow for a visitor to recognize defined sections on the homepage. As an added benefit, they look amazing in action and all of these components support varying browser width, which is essential with the implementation of background color changes and larger image sizes within the components.

An example of the Opportunities component


The Opportunites Home Page component provides a colorful and interactive element to your home page to highlight the opportunities your unit makes possible for the UIC community. As users hover over each circle,…

example of the mission component


Highlight the mission of your College or department with this component. The component includes fields for a title, 2 small images and 1 large image

example showing large image with title and short text with 3 smaller tiled content blocks with images, titles and text

Advanced Content Wrapper

The Advanced Content Wrapper component creates a visual separation of the white background with the new content. It is an excellent way to call the visitor’s attention to a section of content by…

example with image on color background, one large call to action link and a list of smaller call to action links

Weighted Call to Action

The Weighted Calls to Action component is useful for creating a specific “heavy” weighted link alongside other “lesser” weighted links. Again, this is a homepage-specific component that utilizes (just like the other components…

example with title, text and links with an image to the right

Highlight Link List

The Highlight Link List component is a wonderful way to provide your visitor a brief snippet of written content, a large visual aide, and several options to link content to engage the visitor.…

example with large image a left side bar of tab titles, tab content including title, description, images with text

Advanced Tab Group

The Advanced Tab Group component (only for the homepage) can be implemented to highlight different groupings of link tiles or bits of information on the homepage; within each specific tab group, you are…

Example of multiple icon and text call to action links below the header image

Header Call to Action

  Within the Homepage, there is a “Header Call to Action” content area that will allow you to include a list of call-to-action icons just beneath the Homepage header image. These icons will…

example timeline image identifying the clickable arrows

Timeline Component

The Timeline Component is meant to display a very wide (300px to 10,000px) image that can be utilized to display a progression in time. The Component allows for a visitor to “scroll” (via…

Large image with images to the right and left, title, arrow buttons and description

Carousel Component

The Carousel Component can include anywhere between 4 (minimum) and 30 (maximum) images to rotate each time a visitor clicks on the “next” arrow. Please make sure that each of the images has…