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In the Red theme, there are two types of content blocks that are used to add a variety of content types to your website.

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Components are custom-made groups of content fields that are added to pages to create your content body. Unlike typical WordPress installations, there is not one, large body field where all the content is added for a page. For each block of content, you want to add to your page, you will select the appropriate custom content component to use as an element of the page.

Most pages allow for all of the available components, but some templates are designed to use only specific components. Within a page’s content area, you can drag and drop components to re-order them. Using components to create content groupings aids in designing for the multiple types of devices and screen sizes that site visitors will use to see your website. This responsive design approach means that the site works on phones, tablets, and desktops in a seamless manner.

Custom Post Types Heading link

Custom Post Types allow you to create a content block that can be reused in multiple locations on your website. For example, each News post can be viewed as a single page or can be included in highlight lists or a page of all published news posts.

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Upon request to the Red team raw code can be added by Super Admins who will review the code for security and accessibility.