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We recommend using the latest version of IE11, Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

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March 2023 update Adding Users to Your Site

New Instructions to enable page privacy

Supported 3rd Party Browsers for RED Theme Heading link

If you are having trouble viewing a RED site properly, it may be due to third party browsers not supporting the RED Theme.

The Red multisite network follows WordPress’s Best Practices guidelines and supports releases of the following browsers (and versions):

  • Last 1 Android versions.
  • Last 1 ChromeAndroid versions.
  • Last 2 Chrome versions.
  • Last 2 Firefox versions.
  • Last 2 Safari versions.
  • Last 2 iOS versions.
  • Last 2 Edge versions.
  • Last 2 Opera versions.
  • Internet Explorer >= 11
  • Browsers with > 1% usage based on “can I use” browser usage table

Due to the increasing complexities involved with modern security and standards compatibility, the core Red development team is unable to actively support legacy web browsers. Using older/unsupported browsers may result in decreased functionality, limited access to services, or undesired cosmetic inconsistencies. If you have questions, comments, or concerns regarding browser compatibility with Red, please reach out to us via the webform above.