Join the community of WordPress Users at UIC

For more ideas on using Red and WordPress, you can join a discussion group of UIC staff working on WordPress. Ask questions or share your tips and best practices you've learned when building your unit website.

To join the discussion group, send an email to and type in the message body: subscribe wordpress-users Your Name.

Accessibility & Usability

Many of the constraints included in the custom Red multisite are intended to assist in making UIC websites accessible and usable for all. UIC is committed to Accessibility and follows both the federal Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Illinois Information Technology Accessibility Act (IITAA).

Usability refers to the users’ experience on your website. This includes a range of factors that you control on your site: what content do your users need and want, how can they find it, how can they understand it and much more. Some of these factors are built into Red, such as how we use menus and breadcrumbs for navigation, and others are dependent on you. For more on usability, see the links below.

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