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Text Blocks

The Red theme offers both basic Text Block components and specialized components to display small and large blocks of text. Most have variations built into the component and can be used for a variety of text and image content needs.

Components built on a specific page, cannot be copied and reused on other pages. For reusable content blocks, like news items, use one of the several custom post types available.

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At a Glance Tiles Component

The At A Glance Component is an excellent way to display short written content in a tile format without requiring links. The content below is an example of this component which requires a…

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Pride Points Component

These small tile-style content blocks present quick points of pride with text as a graphic element. The content stands alone with no link to additional content. The minimum number of blocks is two,…

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Quote Component

The Quote component uses a maximum of 60 words. Do not add the quote marks in the text field; they are automatically added. Included are optional fields for Author Name and Author Description.

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Text Block with Map Component

This component includes several required fields, for title, text, and Google Map details.  The map is automatically generated based on the provided Street Address, City, State, and Zipcode fields.

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Text Block Component

The basic Text Block component includes a title field, required text field, options to include an image at three different sizes, and an optional link list. Image options are full-width, half-width placed on…

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Testimonial Component

Use the Testimonial Component to highlight a person, building or program.

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Tab Group Component

The Tab Group component is another handy way to organize extensive content on a single page. Similar to the Accordion component, you can embed several Text Blocks or Tables in one area. The…

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Multi-Column Text Component

The Multi-Column Text component allows you to incorporate 2 to 3 columns of text across a specific page.  It also provides an organized method to display larger amounts of text, without taking up…

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Accordion Component

The Accordion component is an excellent way to organize content when you need to have numerous Text Blocks or Tables on a single page. It hides the content until the visitor clicks on…