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At a Glance Tiles Component

The At A Glance Component is an excellent way to display short written content in a tile format without requiring links. The content below is an example of this component which requires a minimum of two tiles.

Title for the At A Glance Tiles example Heading link

Optional Description field below the title.
  • Example tile one

    Each tile contains only text. The text can include inline links and bold or italic styling.

  • Example tile two

    There are no required links, no images, and no other components within the tiles.

Accessibility Requirements Heading link

The At a Glance Tiles component has a required title that can be hidden from view. It is important to understand how even a hidden title field can affect accessibility.

On a web page, section headings with large or bold text can help visual users quickly scan and understand web pages for efficient navigation. Screen readers can also scan headings, even when hidden visually.

Titles should be descriptive and must be unique within the page.

These measures allow the users of assistive technologies to:

  • allow search engines to detect the page’s main topics
  • understand different sections of related content
  • navigate quickly to any specific section
  • allow search engines to detect the page’s main topics