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Highlight Contact

The Highlight Contact component supports either a Google Map or an image. The Google map is automatically created based on the address fields entered in the component. The Person or Unit name field is also required.

Optional fields are description, street address, building, mail code, city, state, ZIP, phone number, fax number, email address, and website URL.

Highlight Component (with map or image) Heading link

Optional Description Field

601 S. Morgan St., UH, (MC 000), Chicago, Illinois 60607

Accessibility Requirements Heading link

If an image is used, follow the guidelines for accessible Alt text.

Alt text should describe the image for visually impaired users who visit your website and for those whose browsers block images. The text should give a brief description of the image. DO NOT USE phrases like “image of,” “picture of,” or “screenshot of” in your ALT Text. In addition, if you use images that have text in the image itself, that cannot be read by a screen reader. That text should be included in the alt text, a caption or other text near the image.