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Pride Points Component

These small tile-style content blocks present quick points of pride with text as a graphic element. The content stands alone with no link to additional content.

The minimum number of blocks is two, with a maximum of three blocks displayed. Adding more than three will still only show three but a random three will be presented on each page load. If you want multiple rows of points add multiple components.

Red Pride Heading link

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  • Components to accommodate content ranging from text to multimedia, forms, tables and embeds.

  • 8 Custom Post Types that go beyond News and Events to include research, profiles and more.

Accessibility Requirements Heading link

Title Fields

Titles are required in most components to comply with the rule that headings H1-H6 must be used before a section of content to describe its context. You may select the “Hide Title” option if you don’t want it displayed, however, a site visitor using a screen reader will hear those titles. This means they should be descriptive and unique. If you only enter “Title” for example, the user will hear “title, title, title,” etc. as they tab through your content blocks. They will have no context to know if that is information they should read.