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Research Projects

How to create and display Research Project posts on your site

The Research Project post type provides a custom post option for showcasing the research projects of your faculty and students. Like other custom post types, Research Project posts can be viewed as a single page or can be included in a page of all published Research Project posts. These listings are available through the Research Project Listing Page Template.

When you create a Research Project post, all fields are specific to the details of the research project. There are no additional components within the Research Project post, just the data fields allowed.

These fields include:

  • Principal Investigator (must already be created as a profile post for your site)
  • Start Date and End Date
  • Co-investigators (do NOT need to be a profile post on your site)
  • Funding Source
  • Abstract
  • Short Description
  • Image

You can create and add categories and tags for your Research Project posts. Assigning categories to your posts allows you to select which group of posts show on Research Project listing pages.

Each post also has an optional SEO field where custom text is created for search engine meta description fields which show in search results.

Accessibility Requirements Heading link

Image Alt Text Fields

Alt text should describe the image for visually impaired users who visit your website and for those whose browsers block images. The text should give a brief description of the image. DO NOT USE phrases like “image of,” “picture of,” or “screenshot of” in your ALT Text. In addition, if you use images that have text in the image itself, that cannot be read by a screen reader. That text should be included in the alt text, a caption or other text near the image.

Research Project listing page

To create a listing page of Research Project posts, create a new page and assign to it the Research Project Listing template.

In the listing, each published Research Project post will show the principal investigator, funding source and project duration.

When setting up the page you have the option to limit the listing to specific categories or exclude some categories. Note that the category include boxes operate as an “and” selector. This means that your filter is looking for posts that are in both of the categories selected.

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