Tableau Embed Component

The Tableau component allows the embedding of University of Illinois Tableau visualization dashboards on Red pages. To use this component, your Tableau dashboard must be hosted at

Tableau support

How to Implement the Tableau Embed

  1. Make sure your Tableau dashboard has been published to the AITS Tableau production server
  2. Load (or create a new) page in Red
  3. Click “Add Component” and select “Tableau”
  4. Enter Title
  5. Enter Workbook path and View path. Example: (not a working link! this is just to show path locations)
  6. Enter Width and Height. 100% width recommended (an auto-height capability is coming in the near future, at which point the height field will be removed).
  7. Click “Update.”

Accessibility Requirements

All Tableau content must be made accessible in the Tableau dashboard creation before embedding.

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