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Text Block with Map Component

This component includes several required fields, for title, text, and Google Map details.  The map is automatically generated based on the provided Street Address, City, State, and Zipcode fields.

An Example Text Block with a Google Map Heading link

In addition to fields to configure the address shown in the map, you can also specify the Map Zoom level and Map Type. The Zoom level field provides a general guide to help you decide the zoom level. For example, setting the zoom to 2 is equal to Continent level and 20 is Building level with other examples in between those extremes.

Map types are Roadmap (default road map view), Satellite (Google Earth satellite images), Hybrid (mixture of default and satellite), and Terrain (physical map based on terrain information).

This map is set to zoom level 15: Streets view and Roadmap type.

Google Map of 601 S. Morgan St.

Accessibility Requirements Heading link

Title Fields

Titles are required in most components to comply with the rule that headings H1-H6 must be used before a section of content to describe its context. You may select the “Hide Title” option if you don’t want it displayed, however, a site visitor using a screen reader will hear those titles. This means they should be descriptive and unique. If you only enter “Title” for example, the user will hear “title, title, title,” etc. as they tab through your content blocks. They will have no context to know if that is information they should read.