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Directory Listing Filters Update

As of the 9/24 Red update, pages using the Directory template will display profiles using the conjunction "AND" instead of "OR." This feature was not working as intended and required this change. The profiles displayed will need to meet criteria from ALL the items selected in ALL the tabs. Selecting nothing will return all profiles.

For example: if you select two roles under the "Roles" tab, like "Faculty" and "Staff," the listing template will show every person who is both faculty and staff. The effect is cumulative across all the tabs: if you also select a "Research area" taxonomy, it will look for all people who meet all three selected criteria (in this example, Faculty and Staff and the Research area you selected).

Consider using excludes in cases where you want to show everyone but those in a certain area instead. Red devs are working on updating the Red help text for this page template.