backed datafields required when creating a giving form

Digital Communications is pleased to announce a simplified way of soliciting donations for University of Illinois Foundation funds on RED sites: the Giving Form Component.

The Giving Form Component (only available on Default Template Pages), simplifies the way you can solicit donations to particular University of Illinois Foundation funds.  The Giving Form Component will direct visitors to an encrypted and secure U of I Foundation funding page, pre-filling whatever particular charitable fund you are promoting, as well as the charitable amount the visitor enters on your page.  The Giving Form Component has several required fields, which must be accurately filled out on the back-end (screenshot can be seen above).

They are as follows:

  • Department Name (for the site displaying the form)
  • Department Email (for the site displaying the form)
  • Tracking Code (for the department/school/etc. displaying the form)
  • Fund Number (Created through the University of Illinois Foundation)
  • Fund Name (Created through the University of Illinois Foundation).
  • OPTIONAL – Fund Description

You can make several different funds available on a single page by clicking on “Add another fund” as well as set how the form will appear to the visitor (List or Tile).

IMPORTANT: When first creating a form, and after filling out all of the required information, we suggest that you set the “Destination Location” to “Test”.  This will allow you to test out the form, making sure that there are no discrepancies in where potential donors are being sent.  To test the form yourself, after “updating” the page, view the actual page (not the back-end) and fill out the form – as a visitor would.  If it sends you to the proper U of I Foundation Fund (secure test servers), than the form is working properly.  When you are finished testing, make sure to select “Production” from the “Destination Location” field in the component, and click “Update” to the page.  This will allow funds to actually be sent to the particular fund(s) you are promoting.

For more information on the Giving Form Component, and to see a test form in action, head over to our Tables & Forms page (scroll to the bottom).

Happy Editing!