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Theme and Bug Fixes for 7/2/19 Heading link

With the latest update to RED (7/2/19), the development team has implemented the following fixes:

  1. The dollar sign can now be used by sites implementing MathJax.  This can be accomplished by writing \$ on the backend to show up as $ on the frontend while MathJax is enabled.
  2. A permanent fix was put in place so that users can export data from Tablepress in a .csv file format.
  3. Within the Giving Form Component, the “Funds” datafield is no longer required.  This was preventing users from listing fund groups on their own.
  4. The phrase “voice” is no longer displaying next to telephone numbers presented within the Profile posts.
  5. The Google SMNTCS Webmaster plugin has been disabled from the network due to complications and redundancy with other plugins.

As always, we are striving to make RED the best it can possibly be.  If you have any suggestions, or bug reports, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Happy Editing!