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With the latest update to RED (10/1/19), the developers have brought us some changes that will make editing easier on RED.  These updates resolve some bug issues that were occurring within different post types and overall site storage. See below for the following updates:

  • Event posts that spanned more than 1 day used to disappear once the start day had passed. This solution now allows events to expire once the event has actually finished, staying visible for event posts spanning multiple days.
  •  The thumbnail for directory images has now been fixed. When you hover over a picture, you can now see the alt text for it. For example, you can see the person’s last name if you hover over their picture, changed from “Photo of” to “Photo of <person last name>”.
  • Finally, we fixed an issue on the Red site in which sites’ total disk space limit unexpectedly dropped from the network default of 3GB to 300MB. This issue has been resolved. Now all sites on Red should have a space total of 3 gigabytes each.

In addition, we created a public list of “known bugs” which can be found here on the Red Site: When selecting “other questions or problems” on the Red contact page, a list of known bugs on the Red multi-site will appear directly below.

If you have any bug reports, or suggestions on how to make RED the best theme it can be, please don’t hesitate to reach out via our webform.

Happy Editing!