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Latest Update to RED 5/19/20

With the latest update, on 5/19/20, the RED Team has made the following changes to RED:

  1. Due to the reduction of in-office UIC staff as a result of IL state COVID-19 shelter-in-place policies, phone number contacts are no longer required in Event posts. The RED Team may reinstate this requirement in the future when the campus resumes "normal" operations.
  2. For sites utilizing the MathJax extension (, the RED Team has fixed some conflicts taking place during network sanitization.  During HTML filtering, some field values were not being stored in the database. This lapse was happening because of RED's conflicts with the MathJax library. This has been fixed with the latest update. MathJax library no longer allows the <> symbols from being filtered out by RED's sanitization script. Please remember to display math formulas by marking them with the $ symbol, e.g. $a < b > c$.
  3. We have eased the process of signing up for admin training on RED. By utilizing Microsoft Teams, users can now register for training via Teams Bookings. By heading over to our training calendar, which can also be found through the jumbo link on, users can now schedule and register for training sessions based on their schedule and without waiting for a response.  Due to the COVID-19 shelter-in-place policies currently in effect, all training will be held digitally through Microsoft Teams.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to improve RED and our services to better assist you in this difficult time.  Should you, or your staff, identify any Red requirements that prevent or reduce your unit's ability to function due to COVID-19, please reach out to us at

Happy Editing!