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Latest Update to RED 7/7/20 Heading link

With the latest update to RED (7/7/20), we have added two new “homepage-only” components and created another data field for the Profile post:

  • The Timeline Component (Homepage Only): The Timeline Component was created to simulate a visitor interacting with a timeline. The component is meant to display a very wide (300px to 10,000px) image that can be utilized to display a visual progression in time. The Timeline Component allows for a visitor to “scroll” (via the clickable arrows) as if viewing a timeline. The wider the image, the better. To see an example of the component, head over to our Homepage Only Components page.
  • The Carousel Component (Homepage Only): The Carousel Component can include anywhere between 4 (minimum) and 30 (maximum) images to rotate each time a visitor clicks on the “next” arrow. Please make sure that each of the images has similar vertical pixel sizes otherwise there will be a large blank space between the “next” arrows and some of the “shorter” images you include. There is an optional text description that will be visible to visitors, as well as a required text area for screen readers.  The required text area will not be visible to visitors, but you must include descriptions of each image for accessibility standards. To see an example of the component, head over to our Homepage Only Components page.
  • Recognizing the current social circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the Profile Post now has a data field that allows users to input a Virtual meeting link. Users can now link to their unique meeting URLs hosted by Zoom, WebEx, Teams, etc. This information will appear above the email address on the Profile page’s front end.

As always, we are hard at work making RED the best it can be for both users and visitors alike. If you have any suggestions, or want to report any bugs, please contact us via our webform.

Happy Editing!