News Posts

How to create and display News posts on your site

The News post type provides a custom post option for news content related to your unit. Like other custom post types, News posts can be viewed as a single page or can be included in highlight lists or a page of all published News posts. These listings are available through the News Listing Page Template, the Highlight News component and the Highlight News & Events component.

At the top of the post type, in the “Intro Text” area, are several optional fields to provide introductory content on the topic of the post. These include:

  • Subtitle
  • Body Text
  • Excerpt — text specifically created for listing pages or highlight components
  • Author
  • Option to make the post “sticky” at the top of a listing
  • Image
  • Custom Thumbnail Image

Below the Intro Text area is the Content area where a wide variety of components for text, links, highlight, media, tables and more can be added to the post.

Each post also has an optional SEO field where custom text is created for search engine meta description fields which show in search results.

Additional Functions

The News post type allows for its own unique taxonomy of categories to use in order to group posts on similar topics. Assigning categories to your posts allows you to select which group of posts show on pages or in highlight components on pages.

Each published News post will show the date it was posted at the top and the date of the last modification at the bottom of the post. The publication date can be edited as needed, however, the modification date cannot be changed. If you wish to schedule the post to publish at a future date, set the “Publish on” date to that day and time.

Visitors to your website can share individual News posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and by e-mail based on which share links you enabled in your Theme Settings.

Accessibility Requirements

Image Alt Text Fields

Alt text should describe the image for visually impaired users who visit your website and for those whose browsers block images. The text should give a brief description of the image. DO NOT USE phrases like “image of,” “picture of,” or “screenshot of” in your ALT Text. In addition, if you use images that have text in the image itself, that cannot be read by a screen reader. That text should be included in the alt text, a caption or other text near the image.

News listing page

The News listing page allows you to show an archive of News posts. The page template does not include a header image but does include an Intro body text area with an optional Subtitle field.

The News listing feature allows you to select what category(ies) of News posts you want to display (or exclude) on the page, either a single category or multiple categories.

You have two options for displaying the listings: List (with excerpts) or Tile.
The List format will include a thumbnail of any images included in individual posts, the headline linked to the full post, and an excerpt of the body of the post.

The Tile format will appear similar to the Featured Tiles component do on a page; the News posts appear 2 articles across – with a large (clickable) image, title and excerpt of the body of the post.

List format is single file vertical in organization, while the Tile format is two across.

The listing is ordered from most recent to older posts and will automatically create pagination at the bottom of the page. You do have the option of making an individual News post “sticky” which means that it will stay at the top of the list as long as this designation is activated.

You can also set the number of News posts that appear per page (up to 100 in increments of ten). This is done through the “Pagination” section while editing the page. Just be aware, the higher the number of pagination (number of results per page), the longer it will take for the page to load for your visitors.

The page does not include any additional content area or components, however, you can attach Notifications above the list or Billboards below the listing.

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