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Welcome to the UIC Red multisite network, a resource for creating and managing UIC websites. This WordPress platform includes a UIC branded theme framework for a consistent look among all UIC department websites. The theme offers a variety of page layouts and content components that are designed to create responsive, accessible and usable websites without extensive knowledge of website development. Departments also have the option to have sub-unit websites nested into their main unit websites. Learn more about the sub-unit feature.

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  • 614 Sites Currently "Live" on RED

  • 280 Sites Currently "In Development" on RED

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You request a site through our Contact Us form. We give you a test website on the multisite, which is hosted on servers managed by Technology Solutions. Assistance with training and ongoing multisite support is provided by the Digital Marketing and Engagement team in Strategic Marking and Communications.

Your website’s url will be (we will help you remove the .red part when you’re ready to go public). You’ll get a login link and an Administrator account, which will allow you to configure and update your site as long as you sign in with your UIC email address. If you want to collaborate, you can allow others to edit your site if they have UIC email addresses. As the site admin, you can control how much they can do by giving them roles such as “Editor” or “Writer.”

Please note that your initial site will be in private mode. While your site is in private mode, only you and people with accounts on your site will be able to see it.

When your site is built out and you’re ready to launch, fill out our request form again. We will review the site for any accessibility or usability issues and work with you to address any we find before we make your site public and remove the “red” part from the URL.