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10. Editing Your Homepage

Location of homepage, Splash page and Theme Settings in dashboard

Your Homepage is generally the first page a visitor comes to when searching the internet.

First things first, ask yourself what the main purpose is of your site. Is it to get users to sign up for something? Is it to provide information? Based on these internal dialogues, you should be able to create a useful Homepage.

A Splash Page is similar to a cardigan, you put it on for “nice occasions” and take it off for every other normal day. It is basically a page that appears, before the homepage, to all visitors visiting the site for the first time. Splash pages can make the visitor aware of a particular event or draw their attention to a sign up. You can activate/deactivate Splash Pages in “Theme Settings.” They are default set to deactivated.

In RED, Homepage and Splash Page editing is separate from the other pages. In order to access them, click on their respective tabs within the RED Dashboard (shown to the right).

Just a heads up, you cannot save Homepage and Splash Page edits as a draft – you can only publish your changes live to the site. With the other pages, you can save drafts.

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