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7. Site Hierarchy – Best Practices (User Flow)

diagram of site hierachy

A well functioning site hierarchy is necessary for any successful web page. A best practice in user flow chart (see above) will allow for a user to easily locate and engage with the content you are providing.  Simply put, when a visitor comes to your homepage for the first time, are they able to navigate and follow the “scent” of information to their desired content?  If you’ve answered yes, then you’re on the right track towards creating proper user flow.

The pages mentioned in the diagram above will be discussed later on in this tutorial.

*Splash pages are an optional feature in RED that appears before the Homepage when enabled. They are often used to highlight events or for marketing purposes. Admins can activate/deactivate them under their “Theme Settings” in the RED CMS.  See “Editing Your Homepage”  in this tutorial for more on Splash Pages.

Next Step: Learn About Parent Pages